Amputees’ inclusion in the media – Katy Sullivan

Dealing with body image and other’s perception
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Amputees’ inclusion in the media. | Actress and paralympian Katy Sullivan wearing her 3D Flex U Covers for transfemoral bi amputation.

Dealing with body image and other’s perception

“I didn’t see a double amputee on television until I was on television”, that’s what concerns Katy Sullivan about the amputees’ inclusion in the media.

This time we had a great talk with Katy Sullivan, actress, athlete, and transfemoral double amputee from the USA, about the lack of disability representation. Finally she told us how she handles her careers and body image. 

Due to the fact that she was born without both limbs just above the knee, she never experienced running until the age of 25. As a result, she admits that calling herself an athlete was very difficult because she didn’t feel like one and never knew that amputees could run.

“It’s a full body experience and commitment to walk on prosthetic legs every day. Some days are better than others but that’s all I’ve ever known”.

Being a UNYQer, being Like No Other

Also, she’s concerned about those people who have just been amputated and have no guidance or inspiration to cope with the loss and continue to pursue their dreams, besides there are still people who do not see the person but the limb loss. It’s not worth the time and energy to worry about what people think, she pointed out. 

As an actress, Katy Sullivan knows how important is amputees’ inclusion in the media, because you get used to what you see.

“I just wanted people to notice me because i’m funny or smart or beautiful or any of those things and not because I walked around metal sticks for legs”.

Indeed, Katy Sullivan has dedicated her time as a paralympian and an actress and for instance we can see her in Dexter:New Blood (2021). This is why dedication is the key for her to pursue whatever you want and being an UNYQer.So if you decide to do something you have to put dedication and time into it, because otherwise, «it’s fake until you do it».

“The biggest transformation in my life is knowing that little girls that are like me can point to someone now and say wow she did that so why can’t I, why shouldn’t I?”

– Katy Sullivan.

UNYQer to UNYQer…

For her, setting someone’s goals to something just makes them extraordinary because having a purpose is what makes someone unique. Nevertheless, the worst thing that could happen is to try, so «let’s have a reason to try». You might fail, but it will be worth it.

Besides that, having the opportunity to change the appearance of the prosthesis with a UNYQ prosthetic Cover in a way that reflects personality, helps people to embrace it a little bit more and make them be Like No Other.

Notwithstanding there is a very noticeable shift wanting to be part of inclusion, at UNYQ we share Katy’s opinion that we still have a long way to go because individuals with disabilities are the largest minority in the world and they’re underrepresented in our entertainment and our media.

As a human-centric design company, it’s important to us to give UNYQers a platform of expression and encourage discussion and more inclusion in the media.

If you want to know more about it you can listen to the full podcast episode on Spotify or watch it on Youtube.

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