Amputees lifestyle – The beginning or the way.

Julian Schoen – Amputees lifestyle (UNYQer Interview).
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Amputees lifestyle | Julian Schoen wearing 3D Firm Galaxy UNYQ Cover design in black

Julian Schoen UNYQer Interview

Julian is a German construction operations and project manager that feels life is a road to travel. That’s why for him amputation may be the beginning, or the way.

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Each of us has a personal life story behind that makes us unique, what is yours?

I truly believe that the way of life and lifestyle make us unique. And in that sense feel I am indestructible, but human.

I lost my leg in 2010 when I was returning home after serving in the Hamburg police (it was a kind of coast guard). As I was in training and had only been there for a few months, after the accident I lost my job (before that I was in the German navy).

I got married a year later, but my life was completely different from what I expected, so I had to divorce with two children while my wife was still pregnant.

And after the start of the war against Ukraine, I became a volunteer reservist in the German Navy, working in a cyber task force in Hamburg.

Now I am in a new relationship and work as a construction project manager and construction operations generalist in my brothers’ company. And I also play wheelchair basketball and do some fitness a few days a week.

How do you handle self-acceptance? What is your biggest inspiration in life?

I have no problems with self-acceptance in this new lifestyle because I follow Dwayne Johnson’s motto: «Respect, blood, sweat”, and as I always said “amputation may be the beginning or the way to road through this new life”.

"If I had to give advice to other amputees that would be: This is not the end. It may be the beginning or the way"

What does wearing UNYQ Covers mean to you?

Around 2018 my clinic told me about UNYQ. I was wearing my Genium at the time.

I don’t know what to say about the covers, they are almost timeless!, so keep going!

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Julian Schoen’s opinion about UNYQ Covers

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