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Lisa Fowler, a UNYQer mom Becoming an amputee mom is a challenging experience
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Lisa Fowler, a UNYQer mom

Becoming an amputee mom is a challenging experience; moreover, if you are a pregnant amputee, because you may have to face certain difficulties. 

For that matter, Lisa shared her experience with us, in order to sum up what aspects she had to take into account before, during, and after her pregnancy. 

What are the usual worries when you become a pregnant amputee?

Being an amputee mom is not easy but it is by far one of the best journeys I have been on. I assure you it is a true blessing to be a mom. 

When I first became pregnant I was terrified of how my pregnancy as an amputee would go and I was unsure how I would adjust to added weight, growing belly, labor and caring for a newborn afterwards. 

During my pregnancy I endured a lot of lower back pain so I maintained regular back massages to keep up with self care. Besides, I took an early leave from work due to exhaustion from walking long distances once I hit my third trimester. However, aside from this I had a healthy, strong, good pregnancy, and all of my worries about my pregnancy quickly melted away when I held my baby in my arms.

Did you have any special care before or after labor?

Becoming an amputee mom means that you’ll deal with some difficulties but with a good plan and medical care there’s nothing to be worried about. Actually, I was being monitored due to my past cancer diagnosis, in which my OB-GYN often asked how my prosthetic was holding out. Moreover, my prosthesis team checked in regularly and around mid-pregnancy constructed a new socket to adjust to my growing body. Now I’m grateful I was followed up regularly for adjustments when needed.

On the other hand, my plans for labor were to be induced to ensure my OB-GYN was the one to deliver my baby. She knew my past history, followed along with my pregnancy care, and was aware of my specific birth plan. Then I labored without my prosthesis which allowed me to be more comfortable. Fortunately I had a quick and easy birth with no complications but a wonderful care team made all the difference.

What challenges might face a new amputee mom?

After leaving the hospital with my newborn I had some problems with the prosthesis, but my prosthetic team fixed it quickly. Within 24 hours I was on my feet, walking with my prosthesis, and taking care of my baby.

My journey becoming an amputee mom has been beautiful but has come with challenges. As my baby started to grow and develop, floor activities were common. I often spend days without my prosthetic to comfortably play and interact with my infant. I ensured I had a lightweight stroller and carrier and often utilized carrying tools to assist me with supporting my child when out in public. 

When he started walking, I invested in an adorable backpack with a leash. I was nervous about the stigma of it, but knowing that I couldn’t run after my son allowed me to ensure that his safety came first. While my physical capabilities will always be a battle that will unfortunately become more complex as my baby gets older, emotionally there will be no shortage of affection.

Lisa Fowler – UNYQer mom. Lisa is wearing UNYQ Natura design in mint matte from C-Collection Firm

Photo taken by Sharma.

Lisa Fowler – UNYQer mom. Lisa is wearing UNYQ U design in OB matte from C-Collection Firm.

Photo taken by Liv Sacco.

What advice would you give to a mom-to-be?

Firstly ensure you have a great support system, emotionally and medically. Secondly, there is nothing wrong with making changes to your everyday life to adjust to being a mom. People are always going to judge but do what you believe is best for you and your child. 

Also normalizing differences in people from an early age is crucial to our children’s education. There is an adorable book I have purchased for my son that talks about Limb Loss, The Abilities in Me: Limb Loss, by Gemma Keir. I highly recommend it and using it as a guide to explain and share with your children the limb difference. 

About Lisa’s UNYQ designs

Thank you for creating such amazing prosthetic covers! My son loves exploring them and seeing how cool his mamas prosthetic is!

Lisa Fowler.

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