New X-Collection covers: protection and anatomy on the go

X-Collection: A ready made cover, classic, elegant and contemporary.
December 21, 2023 by

At UNYQ we are constantly looking for ways to better serve our customers. As such, we pride ourselves on listening and responding to the needs you, our partner clinics, bring to us.

You told us you wanted an integrated prosthetic solution, where a client could come to your clinic and walk away with a ready made cover, adjusted on the spot. We’re proud to present the X- Collection.

The X-Collection is launching in February 2022 to provide an integrated solution for the user who prefers to walk out of the clinic with a ready to use cover.

X-Collections are currently available for C-Leg 4, 3R80 and Rheo prosthetic knees, with more options coming later in the year. The U Design, with a black gloss finish, appeals as a timeless classic that’s both elegant and contemporary.

Semi-custom prosthetic covers

With minimum cutting to suit the end user, carried out by the clinician,  X-Collection covers provide a suitable solution for the prosthetic leg user who is not looking for a Custom cover but wants to have the certainty of UNYQ’s protection on their knee, as well as enjoying the benefits of better fitting clothes.

These covers can be ordered in a bundle and stocked in your clinic, to make sure there is always a UNYQ X-Collection cover to serve your patients right away!

The new X-Collection covers comes to offer a new range of benefits:

  • Available for AK prosthesis (C-Leg 4, 3R80 and Rheo knees, and more to come!)
  • Avoid extra appointments (ready to wear on just one visit!).
  • Available in our classic U design in black gloss finish that fits all styles.
  • Protection and anatomy. Made in 3D Firm or 3D Flex material.
  • Adjustable length in your clinic..
  • Faster delivery time: only 3 days.
  • Stockable in your clinic.
  • Easier ordering process no pictures or measurements needed..

Order our X-Collection covers today

Order the X-Collection now through our Online Ordering System  and keep them in your clinic as a demo, to highlight all the benefits of a UNYQ Cover.

Write to us at and find out more!

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