The importance of sports in amputees’ lives – Boris Ghirardi

Boris Ghirardi as a nature lover and active runner, as well as a climber and crossfitter
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Boris Ghirardi UNYQer Interview

As a nature lover and an active runner, as well as a climber and crossfitter, Boris is a french person who over the years has encouraged others to share their experiences to advise, inspire, and raise awareness about the importance of sports in amputees’ lives.

He had to relearn how to walk, run, jump, lift and climb after a motorcycle accident, but he never gave up. Instead he made his difference a strength. And although his rehabilitation journey became a biggest challenge due to the lockdown, he decided to go running to stay active. Since then he has never stopped running.

“Practice, practice, practice. It makes your entire limiting belief system dismantled”. 

Boris Ghirardi, UNYQer interview – The importance of sports in amputees’ lives

What do you highlight about the importance of sports in amputees’ lives?

After my accident, I was far from imagining that this new situation would lead me to live my best life through sport. I have always been sporty since a very young age and it is impossible to give up what I love so much and the freedom it gives me. It is my life.

Exercise was a real therapy to rebuild myself after my accident, and from my experience helping others to embrace sport it allows amputees to set themselves new challenges and goals. However, the most important thing is not performance but their ability to surpass oneself.

Although my rehabilitation journey was a driving force for me, I did not let myself be defeated and, above all, I was not satisfied with the horizon that was offered to me. As a consequence, this increased my energy tenfold and my handicap became my strength. Since then, I have not set myself limits and two years after my amputation, I’ve run the mythical Sierre-Zinal trail (31 km, 2500 meters of elevation gain).

In sum, I have taken up several challenges, run several races, but the most important thing for me is to share my experience with as many people as possible, to inspire people to overcome their handicaps.

For that reason, I founded the Level Up association. An open field of possibilities for people with disabilities that highlights the importance of sports in amputees’ lives on their way to regain independence and achieve their life goals without setting limits for themselves. Now I’m proud to be involved in other projects that allowed me to make dozens of people run for the first time and see stars in their eyes in a tremendous desire for freedom.

Boris Ghirardi at his Ottobock clinic in Chabloz, Toulouse.

Boris is wearing a UNYQ Next Flex design from the C-Collection Flex in Night Blue and Ocean satin

How do you think UNYQ Covers influence body image and self-perception?

Just as sports give me freedom and strength, UNYQ covers give me comfort and confidence and in my daily life I don’t compromise on comfort and style. It’s all about making sense of this difference and being unique. UNYQ covers are a good way to reflect this and offer multiple possibilities.

It is definitely very important to regain confidence in our abilities and in our body image in order to have a good self-esteem.

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Boris is wearing a UNYQ cover Next Flex design from the C-Collection Flex in Night Blue and Ocean satin.

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