About our products

Our prosthetic covers are protective and aesthetic accessories for prosthetic devices that restore the anatomic shape and symmetry of the patient. At the same time, offering a way to express each unique personality and style with different levels of personalization. Made with the latest 3D printing technologies, our covers are available for the majority of lower limb prosthesis and prosthetic components on the market (transtibial, transfemoral, bilateral, osseointegration, etc).

Our covers are easy to put on and off, enabling a smooth access to prosthetic components, providing a cleaner and more hygienic option than silicone or foam covers. It is also a more sustainable solution, as our manufacturing process is zero waste.

What is the difference between our CustomFit and QuickFit?

Our current offer of prosthetic covers is divided into CustomFit and QuickFit. CustomFit is our signature collection of covers, that are fully customized and designed for each person’s unique anatomy and prosthesis. Each cover is individually designed according to the user’s specific needs, with a selection of colors and designs for both above the knee and below the knee amputees.

The QuickFit is a semi-custom cover, available only for above the knee amputees and selected knees (see our current offer here)

UNYQ covers are easy to identify thanks to the engraved brand logo at the top of every cover, and an individual serial number on the inside. This makes it easy to recognise our product, and simplifies the reordering process.

Apart from personalization and style, all UNYQ covers offer excellent protection for prosthetic components against everyday bumps.They are also water resistant, though the cover does not waterproof internal prosthetic parts, it does shield it from unwanted water exposure and can be used in water activities if you desire. Always ensure your prosthetic is waterproof and can be used for water activities. UNYQ covers are also hygienic and easy to clean.

Our prosthetic covers are waterproof, and can be used in both saltwater and freshwater. Splashes cause no damage to covers. Note: Please, make sure that your prosthetic components are also waterproof.

CustomFit Covers

UNYQ CustomFit Covers are custom-shaped prosthetic covers for lower limb amputees, available for both above (AK/TF) and below the knee (BK/TT) amputees. They offer a new and creative level of protection and personalization for your prosthesis. The end result is a unique, custom-made cover that fits the user perfectly, shows their personality and protects their prosthesis. After printing, each cover is hand polished and painted with a high quality finish to ensure durability. CustomFit covers can be conveniently and easily ordered through your clinic. Only measurements and photos of your lower-limbs are necessary to order. 

The 3D Flex and 3D Firm are two unique materials that we use to create durable and light covers. The 3D Firm is our classic material, made of polyamide (PA12), offering durability and style. The 3D Flex is made from a more rubbery material (TPU), and can endure more manipulations or flexing of its structure. We recommend the 3D Flex to those with a more active lifestyle, as it is more enduring.

CustomFit Firm covers are available for both above the knee and below the knee amputees and are fully customizable. They come in our signature 3D Firm material, available in over 20 designs and over 40 colors in both matte and glossy finish. For further personalization, depending on the model you select, it is possible to add an engraving or vinyl sticker to your cover. To ensure optimal attachment and security, we also offer an additional knee protector, and a choice of attachments between magnets & fast-clamp, or screws & c-clamp. 

Check current designs, colors and extra options that are available for each cover here.

CustomFit Flex covers are fully customized to your anatomy, available for both above the knee and below the knee amputees. They come in our top five designs, in the majority of colors from our chart. For further personalization, you can add an engraving to some of our designs, as well as choose between two attachment types, or add a knee protector (for some designs in AK version).

Check the current designs, colors and available options here.

Our CustomFit covers come in two parts (front and back) and we offer two different attachment systems:

  • Fast-Clamp + Magnets: the front part is attached to the pylon of the prosthesis with our easy fast-clamp system, and the back part is attached to the front part using strong and secure magnets. This solution allows easy access to prosthetic components, so it is easy to clean them, without the need to fully take off the cover. We recommended this attachment for those with electronic knees, as it is easier to charge them..

  • C-Clamp + Screws: the front part includes our C-Clamp system to screw it to the pylon, and the back part is screwed to the front part. We recommend this option for more active users, as it provides even more security.

Each CustomFit cover is designed specifically for every single user’s anatomy and prosthesis, with their unique prosthetic components, combination and alignment. Therefore, our covers may not fit if you change any of the prosthesis’ components, or alignment. Please, ensure the prosthesis and the alignment are completed before taking the photos and measurements when ordering a cover. If you’re changing any of your prosthetic components, or even the alignment of your prosthesis, we recommend you wait until you have your final set up and are comfortable with it before ordering your UNYQ cover.

If you have special requirements, please contact us to learn about the design options and how our covers could integrate with your particular prosthesis. Currently we provide covers for above the knee amputees, below the knee amputees and osso-integrated prosthesis, so contact your clinic, or our sales representatives, and we will be happy to inform and support you in your selection process. 

CustomFit covers can be designed for above the knee and below the knee prosthesis, for most of the prosthetic components in the market.

We also work with osseointegrated prosthesis, both above and below the knee. In this specific case, we need the prosthesis and leg scanned using a structured light scan to adapt our covers..

QuickFit Covers

QuickFit covers are the standard solution in our product range. At the moment, it is only available for transfemoral prostheses, in 3D Firm material. It is the perfect solution for those who are looking for quick and uncomplicated protection of their prosthesis while enjoying an elegant and classic design. 

Created in close collaboration with leading manufacturers, QuickFit is the perfect introduction to the UNYQ product family. QuickFit covers are delivered within two weeks and do not require photos or measurements of the prosthesis, but only require the prosthetist to adjust the length of the cover to fit the individual user.

QuickFit covers are currently available in our classic U design, in black, gray, white, blue and skin colors with satin finish, for some of the most commonly used prosthetic knees on the market. You can view the current catalog of our QuickFit covers here. We are continually expanding the QuickFit catalog, so stay tuned for updates!

In our QuickFit covers, the inner part of the cover has been specifically designed to fit the specific prosthetic knee. To attach the front cover to the prosthesis we use a C-Clamp with screws, which ensure a strong fixation. In addition, we use neodymium magnets to fix the front and back of the cover, which allow quick access to the prosthesis in case of need.

Will QuickFit covers work on a different knee?

No. Each QuickFit model is designed specifically for a particular prosthetic knee, it is unlikely that they will fit a knee for which they were not designed.

Our QuickFit covers are standard products and each model has been designed in a single material based on the characteristics of each knee for a perfect fit and best performance since they have to fit perfectly to each prosthetic leg with that knee. Therefore they cannot be ordered in a different material than the one offered.

For a cover in a different material you can choose a C-Collection cover.

How to order?

Our products can be ordered through our partner prosthetic clinics who are trained in our digital process and fitting. To order a cover, start by scheduling an appointment with your clinician. If you are looking for a customized cover from the CustomFit, it will be necessary to take measurements of your prosthesis and sound leg, as well as pictures of both. If you are interested in a cover from the QuickFit no measurements or pictures are necessary: your prosthetist will adapt the length to your prosthesis in the clinic.

If your clinic is still not on the list, just ask them to here. If your clinic is still not on the list, just ask them to cont​act us and we’ll be happy to train them to order a UNYQ cover for you!.

Many health insurance companies around the world completely, or partly, reimburse prosthetic covers. As each country, region and insurance works in a different way, you can find out the price of the different UNYQ products in your clinic, as well as reimbursement options.

How to reorder a UNYQ cover?

If you already have a CustomFit UNYQ cover, and there has been no change to your prosthetic, or its components, then you may easily reorder by providing your clinic with the serial number engraved inside your cover. Then simply indicate your design choices, and we will replicate the same shape of your current cover in a new style!

However, if you have had any changes to your prosthetic or its components (including alignment), we strongly recommend that you first schedule an appointment with your clinician and retake the necessary pictures and measurements to ensure that the measurements remain the same. Even a slight change may result in an improper fit between the cover and your prosthesis!

If you want to reorder a QuickFit UNYQ cover we don’t need to know the previous serial number, only your current prosthetic knee. Your prosthetist will adapt the length at the clinic.How to reorder a UNYQ cover?

These are the average delivery times for our collections:

  • C-Collection 3D Firm: 2-3 weeks from receiving the correct measurements/pictures
  • C-Collection 3D Flex: 3-4 weeks from receiving the correct measurements/pictures
  • X-Collection: 3-4 days (depending on country) from receiving the order

For the custom C-Collection covers, we send a preview of each personalized design to the specific prosthetist to check the shape and volume of the final product before the printing process. Any extra delay in confirming this preview could affect the final delivery time.

Ordering process for Professionals

We work with a long list of trusted clinics that offer excellent service and have been trained to offer our innovative products. If your clinic is interested in offering your patients UNYQ products, we will be happy to set you up in a few easy steps. Simply sign up here to become a UNYQ clinic. Our customer service team will contact you to provide you with all the necessary information, train your team to collect the necessary ordering data via our free app or our online ordering platform, and you can start offering our products!

If you can't wait, check out our Resource Center to find materials to begin your training and more!

We have different options to help you promote UNYQ products in your clinic. Please contact your main UNYQ representative, or reach our Customer support team to learn more about current promotions and available programs.

If your patient currently has a CustomFit UNYQ cover and there has been no change to the prosthetic, its components, or alignment, simply let us know the serial number engraved inside their current cover, and their design choices. We will replicate the same shape and volume but with their new design. If something on the prosthesis has changed, you’ll need to retake the measurements and pictures in order to ensure a good fit on the new prosthetic combo.

If your patient wants to get an QuickFit cover, choose a knee and once delivered, adapt the length at the clinic. Note: QuickFit covers are designed for  specific knees!

I am a professional prosthetist: How can I order UNYQ CustomFit covers?

Our CustomFit covers need some data from the patient to customize it to each anatomy and prosthetic components. You can get them through different ways:

- Taking pictures and measurements through our free UNYQ App (currently available for iOS) that allows you to easily choose the options for the cover, take the information that we need and send them directly to our system.

- Taking pictures and measurements using a camera or any other smartphone. You can find the ordering form and instructions for measurements in our Ordering platform.

- canning the prosthesis and sound leg of the patient, using a structured light 3D scan. For osseointegrated patients, a scan is always required

Recommended scanners:

  • Einstar Scanner
  • Shining 3D Einscan Pro Series Hand Scanners
  • Artec Structured Light Hand Scanners
  • Creaform Hand Scanners
I am a professional prosthetist: How can I order UNYQ QuickFit covers?

Ordering our semi-custom QuickFit covers doesn’t require taking measurements, pictures or scanning the patient. They can be ordered through our Online Ordering platform or directly through your Customer Experience agent.

APP troubleshooting (iOS)
Photo upload does not end

Error description:

When you finish all the steps of the order, the APP starts a progress bar, but it does not end.


Check that you have sufficient coverage on your WIFI network or mobile data card. The ordering process requires uploading a considerable amount of information (including photos), depending on the quality of your connection, it may take a long time to complete.

If you are working with your mobile data plan, try to connect to a WIFI network with a good connection for the best performance.

If you are connected to a WIFI network that does not provide maximum coverage, try using your mobile data plan. Sometimes using the mobile network will give you more speed than a poor WIFI network.

If none of the above options improve the order upload speed, consider improving your infrastructure with WIFI repeaters, a mesh WIFI or some other solution.

Make sure you have enough storage space on your device. The APP needs to compact the photos of your order before sending it, if your terminal does not have enough space, the APP could fail.

Connect your terminal to the mains, especially if you have a low battery. Your Apple device's operating system (iOS) imposes a number of restrictions in certain scenarios when the device has a low battery. We have documented cases in which, for example, the device could unilaterally kill the background image upload process, considering it to require more power than the device should provide in low battery conditions.

Disable power saving options.

If none of the proposed solutions solve your problem, we recommend that you place your order by 3D scanning or following the offline ordering guide; In both cases, you can easily send us your order through our e-commerce or even by email.

Also remember that we will be happy to assist you from Customer Service, where we can guide you through the process or resolve your questions.

Error description:

As a security measure, the APP forces me to change my account password from time to time, but the process gives me an error and I cannot continue.


When this happens to you, contact Customer Service directly, both by phone and email, where we can provide you with your password reset without problems so you can continue with your order. Typically, this process will take a few minutes if you are during business hours.

Note: If it is more convenient for you, you can contact your Commercial Agent to resolve this incident, although we recommend, for the sake of speed, that you contact our Customer Service department directly.

This could happen to you if you have not used our APP for a long time, if your company has undergone a restructuring (for example, if you have joined a group of clinics or purchase through a distributor) or due to some administrative error that has occurred, caused the inactivation of your account.

When this happens to you, contact our Customer Service department directly, via email or phone, where we will proceed to resolve the problem directly as appropriate, either by reactivating your account or even creating a new one.

This is a semantic problem, since in reality, your account exists, but it is inactive, so it is not usable.

This error will occur if you have not used the APP for a long time (months/years) or if you, another person from your clinic, your clinic group or distributor, have requested a restructuring of the users with ordering capacity. These circumstances could have led to the deactivation of your account.

Please contact Customer Service directly, where we will be happy to assist you to clarify what happened and solve the problem, either by reactivating your account or providing a new one in the new company structure that is applicable.

From the moment you initiate the order until it is fully effective in our systems, various cases may occur that leave the order for your device in an inconsistent state.

These cases may be due to a multitude of factors beyond our control, such as low battery level of your device, intermittent availability in your connection, low connection signal, low level of storage space, interference with other third-party applications, among others.

When this happens, we recommend that you follow our guides and FAQs to resolve these mentioned cases and proceed to close the APP and open it again to try again.

In the event that you still cannot see your updated order, we recommend the following steps:

If you have already completed your order process, including measurement data and sets of photos, please send us the order photos and order measurements by any other means, either through our e-commerce or by email. You have a specific FAQ on this page, where you can see how to extract the photos of your order from your device to a PC/Mac from which you can send them to us.

If, on the other hand, your order has already been published and you simply cannot see the status changes or Precheck and/or Mockup notifications, please contact Customer Service, where they can promptly inform you of your order and establish another means of communication. of the order progress in case you have difficulties with your device.

If you have problems with your connection or your device and you cannot get your order published correctly in our systems, we recommend that you extract the content of the order to a computer and send it to us, we will take care of consolidating your order correctly and providing you updates on its status.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to do it, depending on the type of device you have to send us the order.

If you have any problems with these procedures or need help, please contact Customer Service, where we will help you through the process.

If you have a Windows computer:

You will need to install iTunes for Windows on your computer, available as a free download from Apple (https://support.apple.com/downloads/itunes).

We recommend restarting your computer after installing iTunes before continuing.

Once you have iTunes for Windows installed, connect your iOS device to your computer via a corresponding cable. Your computer may ask you for permissions to access the content of the connected device, which you must accept.

Open iTunes for Windows after connecting your device to your computer.

Inside iTunes, you will see your connected device. Click on it and you will have access to its content. Within it, you will see a list of your installed applications, at which point you must go to the UNYQ APP.

Once you access the UNYQ APP, you will see a set of files identified by the SERIAL NUMBER of your order, which will allow you to identify the one you need. This file contains the photos you have taken for said order.

Proceed to drag the files you need to your computer.

Once the file transfer is complete and you verify that they are already on your computer, proceed to send us these files and we will take care of completing any other necessary information.

If you have a MAC computer:

If you have a computer running MacOS, you don't need to install any additional software as everything you need is available.

Just proceed to connect your device to the Mac via cable.

Once connected, open Finder on your Mac, where you'll see your connected device.

Access it as if it were a folder and you can view the contents of your device.

Proceed to enter the "folder" of the UNYQ application, where you will see a set of files identified by the SERIAL NUMBER of your order, which will allow you to identify the one you need. This file contains the photos you have taken for said order.

Proceed to drag the files you need to your computer.

Once the file transfer is complete and you verify that they are already on your computer, proceed to send us these files and we will take care of completing any other necessary information.